Welcome to the EASTCONN SMARTboard Users Group Wiki

This site was developed for members of the EASTCONN SMARTboard Users Group. EASTCONN is a Regional Educational Service Center (RESC) that serves the 36 school districts in northeastern Connecticut. EASTCONN SMARTboard User Group members are educators who are interested in using SMARTboard technology as a tool for teaching and learning. This wiki was developed for the SMARTboard User Group to collaborate, share ideas, and learn new techniques for the classroom. Educators should use this site to build collaborations with teachers who teach with a SMARTboard and share exciting SMART Notebook lessons.

New in Notebook 11!

This space is moderated by Pam Skelly, an Educational Technology Consultant at EASTCONN.

Getting Started with SMART Board: How you use the SMART Board is different depending on how fully the application is integrated with SMART technology.
  1. With any application, you can use the SMART Board as a touch-sensitive screen. Furthermore you can pull up a keyboard to enter text or numbers and save annotations on the screen created with floating tools.
  2. With Microsoft Office, you have tools that provide enhanced SMART Board features, such as converting handwriting to text for Word and Excel, and providing additional tools in PowerPoint.
  3. With SMART Notebook and other SMART Tech applications, you have applications that are fully integrated with the board.
For Quick Lessons, try these movies.

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