Language Arts and Reading
The Adventures of Word Girl PBS Superhero from the Planet Lexicon
Letter Generator by Read Write Think Create a business or friendly letter and print out
Punctuation Paintball Interactive activity on fixing punctuation errors (some banner ads)
Read Write Think: Student Interactive Materials Various interactive activities for reading/language arts
Phonics and Word Study Interactives Phonics and language arts activities
Parts of Speech Interactivefrom the I Know That website, various interactive activities on parts of speech (contains ads)
Verb TenseA FunBrain activity
Spelling Time- An online spelling program for grades 1-5use your own spelling word lists and import them into this website for students to practice with various levels of activities
Paraphrase Crazefrom Beacon Learning Center, a lesson in expository writing
Power ProofreadingProofread various paragraphs with a focus on certain skills

13 Ways to Make 1/2 from Cyberchase Math Games from PBS
Geometric Solids from Illuminations
Ambleside Primary Numeracy Hour Various interactive activities to use with the SMARTboard such as measuring angles, interactive tangrams, fraction machine, prime number checker
King's List Math Click on a math topic and find interactive activities
Shapes and more actvities for ages 4-11 from the BBC Schools
Visual Fractions
Virtual Dice Choose a die with 6, 8, 10 or 12 faces. Customize the die by putting your own values or words on it (up to 5 characters)

Scholastic Weather Watch learn about various weather conditions and experiment with various weather tools
Kids Site: Global Warmingfacts for students about global warming from the EPA
Arctic Theme Page from NOAA, contains photos and updates from a live webcam of the North Pole
Wild Weather Adventurefrom NASA Space Place, using a weather research blimp, students have to pilot it around the world
Body Systems Resources
Kid's Health About Your Body
Your Gross and Cool Body- Skeletal System
NASA Space Place
Kids Astronomy
Kidwings Conduct a virtual owl pellet dissection, explore bird skulls, eggs, nests, feathers, beaks, feet, and other aspects of birds.
Wonderville Science adventures for kids
Create Your Own Adventure- PBS explore various animals and facts about them
The Great Plant Escape a 4th and 5th grade program designed to introduce students to plant science and increase the understanding of how foods grow

Social Studies and Geography
Ben's Guide Place the States
Trail of Tears Links
The Underground Railroad is an interactive "choose your own adventure" from National Geographic
Geo Net
Bens' Guide to Government
First Gov for Kids
Timeline Maker
Animated Atlas Traces the growth of the United States through animation and sound.
Congress for Kids
Macmillan Social Studies Links

Other Subject Areas

General Educator Resources
Thinkfinity (formerly Marco Polo): Excellent site for all subject areas with content developed or reviewed by Thinkfinity Partners
iConn: Connecticut's Digital Library with links to periodicals, newspapers, databases, and links to other Connecticut resources
Internet4Classroomschoose a grade level, subject, and standard and a list of interactive resources are provided
Crickweb156 free interactive resources to use with a SMARTboard
Quia Shared Activitiesvarious quizzes, puzzles, and activities created by teachers
Scholastic Activities for Whiteboards Lang. Arts, Social Stud., Science & Math, Learning Games & Teaching Tools