March 30, 2011

SMARTboard and Web 2.0 Part 2
Web 2.0 Link (excellent)

February 9, 2011

SMARTboard and Web 2.0

Find other Web. 2.0 Tools here: EASTCONN Training of Trainers Web Tools
Intermediate Notebook Skills
Watch Know Site:

September 22, 2010- Come with an Idea of a Lesson You Want to Create

Goal Setting

Using SMART Exchange


May 5, 2010

Using a Magnifying Glass
Delicious Accounts of users:

Family Feud Game
Google Earth: Placemarks and Rumsey Historical Maps Instruction

March 31, 2010

SMART English/Language Arts Content:
You can try out evaluation lessons by clicking into this link: (scroll to the bottom of the page)
Ways to Make your Lessons Pop- File from the Session
Using a webcam with video
Adding Flash files
Compass and other items

January 13, 2010

Agenda and links SMART Community

Meeting Notes
- Smart Tech Website and Resources
- SmartBoard Operation

November 18, 2009

Link to Video on a SMARTboard- how to import video files into SMART Notebook or SMART Video Player
Video websites for SMARTboard
SMART Notebook file on How to Use Video

September 23, 2009

Lynn's Lesson Activity toolkit examples
Pam's "How to Use Our Wikispace"

Come 30 minutes early to set up your laptop to the EASTCONN network
How to use this wikispace
Needs for Group
SMART Notebook Express
New Features of the Lesson Activity Toolkit

April 1, 2009

How to embed flash files onto a SMART Notebook Page
  1. Go to the website that has a flash activity.
  2. In Internet Explorer, got to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options
  3. Under the General Tab, Browsing History, choose Settings
  4. Click View Files
  5. Click on Last Accessed and make sure it shows your current date and time
  6. Find the .swf file and the website from the list (it should be from the website you found your flash activity
  7. Right click on the file and choose copy
  8. Open SMART Notebook
  9. Right click and choose paste. It will paste the flash activity on the page.
  10. Remember, make a note at the bottom of the page where the flash activity came from and link to the website it came from.
Mac-SMARTboard Discussion Forum

Keep Vid- to download you tube videos

Playing Video with a SMARTboard- if you are a PC user, you can use the SMART Video Player to play video files
  • pause your video,
  • write on your video
  • capture your text and video image into Notebook
Playing Flash Video Files (flv) with a SMARTboard
  • import directly into SMART Notebook
  • pause
  • write on screen
How do I link to a video within my SMART Notebook page?
  1. Open SMART Notebook
  2. Click on the attachments tab which looks like a paper clip and choose Insert Copy of File (especially if you travel with your lesson, that way the file will stay attached to your lesson).
  3. Get your file from your computer.
  4. It will appear in the attachments tab now.
  5. Within your Notebook lesson, you can type text, insert a gallery item or a shape and link that object to your video. To do that click on the object that you want to link to the video.
  6. Click on the drop down arrow and choose link
  7. Click current attachments and click on the video file
  8. Choose corner icon or object (corner icon will put a link symbol to the left of the object, choose object will link the entire object to the video.
  9. If you want your file to open with SMART video player, right click on the video file and choose open, choose program, and then choose SMART video player.

February 25, 2009

Lynn Reedy's File: Making Lessons Pop

January 21, 2009

Importing and Exporting Content from SMART Notebook file

November 19, 2008

Our delicious bookmark sites:

October 22, 2008 Agenda

3:30-4:00 Introductions/Expectations/Wiki
4:00-4:30 What's New: SMART Notebook Student Edition, Features of Lesson Activity Toolkit
4:30-4:45 Sharing
4:45-5:00 Planning for next session

SMART Notebook Student Edition Update- question was asked at last session on price; $34.99 per student with link [[{4CB77067-92D5-4DDC-9970-641848007B7F}|here]]

June 4, 2008

Sites shared:
Yenka Free Content (Math and Science)
Links Learning (short educational movies and more)
National Virtual Library of Manipulatives
Illuminations Activities
Insect Lesson Plans
Monarch Watch

Use to share your bookmarks with others -- check out the power of social bookmarking!

Lessons shared:
Sue Palmberg is posting her AP Calculus review notebook lesson
Look at our SMARTboard Resources page and download or view notebook files from other schools

Small Local Organizations
Donors Choose
Jane's Grant Writing Workshop: 8:30-11:30 on 10/23 and 11/13

January 30, 2008

User Group Expectations
  • Sharing ideas, web sites and more
  • Increase knowledge and skills
  • Opportunity to practice with guidance
  • Learn about capabilities of SMARTboard

  • Orientate/Calibrate SMARTboard - Press the keyboard and right-click buttons at the same time and the orientation screen will appear. Use one of the "pens" to point to the center of the cross.
  • Share SMART Notebook files - Under File, Export the file either as a web page, image, pdf, or PowerPoint file. A Notebook Viewer can be downloaded from the SMART Technologies web site.
  • Capture image - See Video Tutorial page for review.
  • Move an object to a different page in SMART Notebook - 1) Show Page Sorter and make sure AutoHide is unchecked; 2) Drag the object from the page it is on to the page icon on which you want to move it.
  • Insert a notebook page from one file into another - 1) Show Page Sorter and make sure AutoHide is unchecked; 2) Right-click on the page icon you wish to save and select Add Page to Gallery; 3) After the new Notebook file is open, drag the notebook page you saved in the Gallery to a page.