Smarttech is the company that makes the SMARTboards. The links below will take you to some worthwhile resources.
Smarttech Links
Smarttech Home
Download SMARTboard software (remember to download the galleries -- give yourself plenty of time)
Training and Printable Materials
Eduator Resources: Lessons, Activities and More
Online Classroom Resources
Notebook Lessons from Smarttech
NEW: Lesson Activity Toolkit (flash applications you can edit and flash tools for your notebook lessons)
Check our SMART Technologies in the Spring for the new Notebook Version 10

Consider joining the SMART Exchange, a free resource center and educational network filled with discussion boards, tips, and sharing of ideas and lessons to use with SMART products.

    Schools throughout the world have been purchasing SMARTboards, finding resources, and developing lessons. You don't need to reinvent the wheel although you might want to "tweak" it a little. The links below will take you to the work of your global colleagues.
    SMARTboard Links from Other Districts and Schools
    SMARTboard Resources from Internet4Classrooms
    Maximizing the SMARTboard from Kenton County Schools
    SMARTboard Resources from Lee's Summit
    Interactive Whiteboard Resources from Amphitheater Public Schools
    SMARTboard Ideas from Rockingham Public Schools
    Smarter SMARTboard Use from East Carter School
    Teacher Resources for EMints
    Teacher Created Resources for SMARTboard
    Engaging Learners the SMARTboard Way
    Whiteboard Resources from Birmingham City Council (UK)
    Interactive Whiteboard Resources from Oxford LEA (UK)
    Interactive Websites from the Technology Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    SMARTboard Websites Put Together by SMART Exemplary Educators