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Teachers Love Smartboards Tutorials in Notebook 10 (Learn some neat tips and tricks)
PowerPoint Game Templates from Internet4Classrooms

Notebook Samples
Between the Layers
Correction Sample
Black History Month Lessons
Inserting Flash Modules into Notebook

Be sure you are logged into SMART Exchange first: Boot Camp Activity Toolkit - Making Lessons "Pop" (from a SMART training)
Connecticut government Grade 4
Grade 2-4 Contractions
Grades K-4 Math
Grades 3-8 Math
Jeopardy Template (You add the answers and questions for any content)
Jeopardy Geography Game- by Kate Winniger (You can change this around to meet your needs)
Jeopardy Calculus Game by Sue Palmberg
Vortex Activity (from Lesson Toolkit Preview)
Africa's Geography
Gr. 5 Science CMT Content Review Links
Gr. Decimals Review
Go With The Flow (CT Science Frameworks Embedded Task)
Growing With Math Tesselation lesson - Gr. 2 Lesson 7.5

solving word problems with base 10 blocks

Link to Spinner review gameby Sue Palmberg
a GREAT idea to create a Random Student Generator.

Writing lesson for building suspense
Geometry Game

What's Behind the Door? Game Here is a blank copy of game...just add your own questions and answers

Angry Birds game...You will need stuffed angry birds to throw at the smartboard to play this game.
Here is a blank copy of the game

Here is a sample with Sequence and Series questions for a pre-calculus/calculus class